Monday, 18 May 2015

Wings ‘n things.

I’m an angel, she shouted, her eyes flashing blue. 
She’s flying! she’s flying! we all shouted too. 
But then little Willy, 
Said ‘don’t be so silly, 
They're stuck to her back with some cheap super glue!’ 

Thank you again Tess for stimulating the writer in us, and for the comments that show us you are interested.

Now for something that has blown me away. This letter arrived from my publisher a few days ago.

From: Shamini [] Sent: Thursday, 14 May 2015 3:29 PM
Subject: 'Cull' to be presented to 'Books at MIFF 2015'
Hi Stafford, This is Shamini from JoJo Publishing, just emailing to let you know that we've entered your book into 'Books at MIFF 2015'. This is an annual event at the Melbourne International Film Festival which allows publishers, producers, film financiers and agents to network and pitch film ideas to each other. This year we were allowed to enter 5 of our best books, and yours was chosen from our range of titles to be pitched to the 'Books at MIFF' for the opportunity to be selected for their films rights catalogue and pitching sessions on the day. Please feel free to read the attached documentation as that will undoubtedly answer some of the questions you may have about this process. I will certainly keep you informed if your book is selected and let you know what the process will be from there.
With kind regards,

If it goes no further, this has been huge for me and I thank my friends who continued to believe in me and kept me writing.


  1. That has got to feel like all your birthdays came at once!
    well done

  2. That's great news, Stafford. Good luck!

  3. The emperor's new wings?

  4. Big congrats and hope you get there!

  5. First - fun poem made me smile and second a big congrats may the stars light the way..

  6. Double cool post! Love your limerick ( of course!)and super great news about your book!! Woo Hoo!

  7. Very nice poem!!! Heartiest congratulations on the news about your book! Really hope it makes it!!!

  8. So well done on both poem and book!
    Anna :o]

  9. Hey Stafford Mahn , is she standing on fly paper ? Great news about your book, outstandingly well done ! Have you read John Michael Greers " twilights last gleaming "? I think you would love it ... I think if you win at the writers festival , you should make your horse a consul , declare batemans bay a feudal state and secede from the federation .......cheers K

    1. If it gets the nod, Ned, I will appoint you Chief Goat Minder, the highest office in the State of Batemans bay. Believe me there are a few goats that need minding!

  10. Super glue indeed...oh...and my eyes are brown...

    1. If it had been a frontal shot, I would have seen the eyes! Next time, remember that.


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